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Residential Air Duct Cleaning

Are you concerned that your ductwork is causing poor air quality in your home?

Residential Duct ConcernBefore you call anyone to have your ducts cleaned, you must read this first. This is what the Duct Cleaning Industry is saying:

“Do you know what lurks in your home air ducts? Every time you breathe the air in your home, you’re breathing some of the millions of germ-carrying dust and mold particles from your air ducts that cause allergies, asthma–even terminal illnesses.”

Who wouldn’t be concerned?

Here’s the TRUTH. In a majority of the cases, if you have an indoor air quality issue in your home, the ductwork is NOT the source of the problem. In many cases, air duct cleaning not only doesn’t improve your indoor air quality, it can make it worse! Why? Because the typical dust, dirt, and contaminants settled in your ductwork were not created in your ductwork, they came from your house. If there’s not a problem in your house, there’s typically not a problem in your ducts. Obviously, there are extremes, and some really good reasons to thoroughly clean your ductwork. A major problem in the “so-called professional” Duct Cleaning Industry is that many Philadelphia Area Residential Duct Cleaning Contractors are not doing a thorough job. They only remove about 60% to 70% of the contaminants out of the system.

This is due to improper technique, improper equipment, an/or insufficient access to the ductwork. So, when your system is turned back on, all the dust, dirt, mold spore, and other contaminants that were stirred up during cleaning, but not properly removed from the system, are now free to blow out of the duct and into your home thus making your indoor air quality worse.

Free EstimateDon’t let this happen to you.

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We will come out for FREE, evaluate your system. We will also evaluate what you are experiencing from an IAQ perspective, then and give you the right recommendation to set you on the path to good Indoor Air Quality.

We promise, if your ducts don’t need to be cleaned, or if they can’t be cleaned properly, we’ll tell you straight up!

So when is duct cleaning necessary?

  • When you get your air conditioning unit replaced. Installing a new air handling unit is the perfect time to clean your ducts. The banging and vibrations from installing a new unit will cause the settled contaminants in the ductwork to be disturbed. The airflow of the new unit may also be different and may kick up contaminants that were not disturbed with the old unit.
  • When there is an obvious or heavy contaminants visible in the ductwork. This will include Mold, Insects, Pests, loose fiberglass, or excessive dust and dirt which could break free from duct walls.
  • For mechanical and operational purposes. Dirty systems run less efficiently, waste energy, and cost more to operate. Dirty systems can also shorten the lifespan of your equipment which costs thousands to repair or replace.

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